November 8, 2023

11.8.23 | Anchor Script

ALEXA:  Recording live from the THS newsroom in Oxford, Ohio, this is THS daily news.
ALEXA: and I’m ALEXA. Here’s what’s happening around THS.
SIENNA: For those feeling thankful this holiday season, a great way to spread cheer is by recognizing someone with a BRAVE Award.
ALEXA: BRAVE Awards are for those that are demonstrating positivity through “Being Respectful And Valuing Everyone”. Students can recognize fellow students and staff members, and staff can recognize other staff.
SIENNA: To recognize someone with a BRAVE Award, click on the “THS BRAVE Award” icon on the portal homepage, or scan the QR code in the corners of the screen.
ALEXA: Your kind words will be shared with the person you are recognizing. Keep up the positivity and all that you do to make THS a great place to be!
SIENNA: Diversity Club will meet TODAY after school in Mrs. Schultze’s room, room 400.
ALEXA: Bible study will meet in Mr. Burdis’s room, room 515, during tutorial on Friday.
SIENNA: And, THS Drama Club’s production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest starts this Friday and runs through Sunday.
ALEXA: Showtimes are 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, with a 2:00 pm. matinee on Sunday.
SIENNA: Tickets for all shows are 8 dollars.
ALEXA: Best Buddies has some upcoming events, as well.
SIENNA: Alexa and I met up with Mrs. Sammons to talk about some of those events:
**NEWS** ***vid with Sammons about Best Buddies***
ALEXA: All right. That’s the news for today, so let’s head over to ADDI at the sports desk.
ADDI:    Conference awards have officially been released so here are the talawanda athletes who received awards for the 2023 season.

The first team all conference athletes for their respective sports are Caleb Dillhoff, AJ hainline, Owen King, Meech Morris-Williams, Myah Keene, Callie McCoullough, Abby Noga, Olivia Andrews, Julie Watt, Jaklyn Wynn, Stephen Mullally, Max Bixler, Bryson fears, Garrison franks, Sadie Abbitt, Clara Cradduck, Adriana Lukking, Lucia Rodbro, Abbie Curry, Julie Page, Layla Fritzsche, and Alyssa Hornsby.

The Second Team athletes are Lance Cantrell, Landon Coffey, Cale Leitch, Tad Polly, Leah Noga, Riley Eversole, Savannah Marcum, Lyla Spurlock, Dimitri Garrret, Elias Jones, Patrick Mullally, Grady Pennington, Eli Suttman, Jesse Troy, Lily Franks, Molly Vangorden, Dani Peters, Catherine Moul, and Emma Lake.

Swoc honorable mentions are Wyatt Jones, Mckenna Johnson, Gabby Dillon, Harrison Zhang, Evan Messner, Makayla Chaney, and Kyle Hackney

Finally, the Swoc sportsmanship award recipients were Brayden Glass, Emma Puckett, Kaylyn Machecko, Henry Lahrman, Max Bixler, Lucia Robdro, and Julie Page.

Huge congratulations to all of those athletes.

Tomorrow Mrs. Greggory and FCCLA will be putting on a breakfast and assembly to honor veterans in our community. THS News Correspondents Brianna and Alexis met up with Mrs. Gregory to get more information on tomorrow’s events.

**CONTENT** ***Mrs. Gregory vid on Veterans Day Assembly Stuff***
SIENNA: And, that’s it for today, Talawanda. Thanks for turning in. I’m SIENNA
ALEXA: and I’m ALEXA. Have a great day, THS. We’ll see you tomorrow.