Friday, November 10th, 2023

11.10.23 | Anchor Script


ALEXA:  Recording live from the THS NEWSROOM in Oxford, Ohio, this is THS daily news.
ALEXA: and I’m ALEXA. Here’s what’s happening around THS.
SIENNA: THS Drama’s production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest opens tonight.
ALEXA: Shows run tonight and tomorrow night 7:00, and on 2:00  Sunday.
SIENNA: All shows are $8, and tickets can be purchased before each show outside the Performing Arts Center.
ALEXA: Setting Stone is looking for submissions for its literary-art magazine.
SIENNA: That’s right. Setting Stone wants your original writing, artwork, and photography. You can send original works to, or drop them off to Mr. Aerni in room 320.
ALEXA: Additionally, Setting Stone is selling some new merch.
SIENNA: They have new t-shirts, crewnecks, and hoodies in a variety of sizes.
ALEXA: Stop by room 320 to check out what they have.
SIENNA: Hey, Alexa, did you see the new veterans wall my the gym?
ALEXA:  I passed by it but I didn’t get a chance to check it out.
SIENNA If you wanna learn more about it, up next is a video from Dom, THS NEWS correspondent and anchor, with more information about THS’s brand new Veterans wall.
ALEXA: Thanks for that Dom, I’ll be sure to check it out.
SIENNA:    Tuesday was voting day, and there were some big issues  on the ballot.
ALEXA:  That’s right, and some of the THS students participated. With more on the subject, here is THS NEWS correspondent, Evan
**NEWS** ***Evan with people who voted***
SIENNA: Are you looking forward to voting when you turn 18, Alexa?
ALEXA: Not really. But, I probably will. What about you, Sienna?
SIENNA: Yeah, I’m pretty excited. Anyway, we have one last thing for you today, Talawanda.
ALEXA: That’s right–here are Gracie, Marley, and Reagan rating how people park their cars in the THS lot.
**CONTENT** ***parked cars in THS lot***
SIENNA: And, that’s it for today, Talawanda. Thanks for turning in. I’m SIENNA
ALEXA: and I’m ALEXA. Have a great day, THS. We’ll see you Monday.