November 6, 2023

11.6.23 | Anchor Script

ALEXA:  Recording live from the THS newsroom in Oxford, Ohio, this is THS daily news.
ALEXA: and I’m ALEXA. Here’s what’s happening around THS.
SIENNA: For those feeling thankful this holiday season, a great way to spread cheer is by recognizing someone with a BRAVE Award.
ALEXA: BRAVE Awards are for those that are demonstrating positivity through “Being Respectful And Valuing Everyone”. Students can recognize fellow students and staff members, and staff can recognize other staff.
SIENNA: To recognize someone with a BRAVE Award, click on the “THS BRAVE Award” icon on the portal homepage, or scan the QR code in the corners of the screen.
ALEXA: Your kind words will be shared with the person you are recognizing. Keep up the positivity and all that you do to make THS a great place to be!
SIENNA: Diversity Club will meet on Wednesday after school in Mrs. Schultze’s room, room 400.
ALEXA: And, don’t forget, students. There is no school tomorrow.
SIENNA: If you are registered to vote, don’t forget to locate your polling place and make time to vote.
ALEXA: You can locate your polling place by visiting
SIENNA: Bible study will meet in Mr. Burdis’s room, room 515, during tutorial on Friday.
ALEXA: And, THS Drama Club’s production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest starts this Thursday and runs through Sunday.
SIENNA: Showtimes are 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, with a 2:00 pm. matinee on Sunday.
ALEXA: Tickets for all shows are 8 dollars.
SIENNA: It is November, as you know.
ALEXA: That’s right, it is.
SIENNA: And, each year during November, team MOhio bands together to raise money in support of Men’s Health.
ALEXA: That’s right–it’s called MOvember. THS News Correspondent and Anchor, Will, spoke with Mr. Silberstein about the fundraiser.
**NEWS** ***WILL with SILBERSTEIN about Movember***
SIENNA: Thanks for that, Mr. Silberstein.
ALEXA: And now, let’s head over to ADDI at the sports desk.
ADDI:    This past weekend two THS cross country runners ran in the state cross country meet. Max Bixler got 40th male Division 1 race. And, Lucia Rodbro took 11th overall in the female Division 1 race, making her an all-state athlete. Way to go, runners!
**CONTENT** ******
SIENNA: And, that’s it for today, Talawanda. Thanks for turning in. I’m SIENNA
ALEXA: and I’m ALEXA. Have a great day, THS. We’ll see you tomorrow.