Friday, November 3rd, 2023

11.3.23 | Anchor Script


WILL:  Recording live from the THS newsroom in Oxford, Ohio, this is THS daily news.
DOM: Today is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd. I’m DOM.
WILL: and I’m WILL. Here’s what’s happening around THS.
DOM: One final reminder that the Setting Stone Coffee House that was planned for tonight has been canceled. Follow Setting Stone on instagram @settingstonemag for information on the next Coffee House in February.
WILL: The Butler Tech Career Day field trip for sophomores will happen on Thursday, November 16th.
DOM: Permission slips for the field trip are due tomorrow. Forms should be turned in to Mr. Barter, who can be found in room 519, located next to the clinic.
WILL: As you know, Tuesday is voting day in the country, and there are many issues on the ballot.
DOM: To help kids who aren’t voting age yet get involved in the democratic process, some social studies classes will participate in the Kids Vote. Here with more on this is a video THS News Correspondent Bryanna put together:
**NEWS** ***Video on Kids  voting***
DOM: What a great way to get a view into how democracy works in America.
WILL: For sure.

And now, let’s head over to ADDI at the sports desk.

ADDI:    Lucia Rodbro and Max Bixler will be running in the State Cross Country meet tomorrow at Fortress Obetz and Memorial Park in Obetz, Ohio, just outside of Columbus. Go get ‘em, runners.

Also, the Powderpuff game was last night. The championship game between the juniors and seniors went into overtime, where the seniors pulled out the win. Final score: 6 – 0.

And, basketball will have tryouts tonight from 6 to 8 in the gym.

That’s it for sports. And now, here’s Mrs. Sammons with hot takes in the 300 hallway and the Perfect Blend:

**CONTENT** ***Hot takes w/ Mrs. Sammons***
DOM: And, that’s it for today, Talawanda. Thanks for turning in. I’m DOM
WILL: and I’m WILL. Have a great day, THS. We’ll see you next week.