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4.26.24 | FRIDAY

DOM: Recording live from the THS Newsroom in Oxford, Ohio, this is THS daily news.
TESSA: Today is FRIDAY, April 26th. I’m TESSA
DOM: and I’m DOM. Here’s what’s happening around THS:
TESSA: Setting Stone Coffee House will be on Friday, May 3rd. Anyone performing in the Coffee House will have a meeting next Tuesday. If you can’t attend this meeting contact Mr. Aerni before then.
DOM: Attention seniors, make sure you check your email and fill out the exit survey. If you have any questions please see your counselor.
TESSA: Now, as some of you know, today was Drive Your Tractor to School Day..
DOM: That’s right. Here with a report on this is THS Daily News Correspondent, Cale:
ADDI: Alright, starting with last night, Softball took on Seton overcoming them an impressive 10-1

Baseball took on West Claremont falling to them 10-0

Now let’s get into what we have tonight as well as what we have as we head into the weekend

Starting with tonight’s events, Some of our track athletes will continue to compete in the 2-day invitational at Wayne. While some head over to Ross for the Ross Invitational.

Softball will be back in action again facing off against Mount Notre Dame at home. That game is to begin at 5

And finally boys tennis will be taking on Eaton at 4:30 right here at home

And as for Saturday, both our baseball teams will be taking the field, Jv will be hitting the road heading over to Moeller at 3 pm while Varsity makes their way over to Hamilton to face off against them beginning at 7:30.

That’s all for sports. Up next we have some content for our seniors who have or will be turning 18 in the near future. Here is Will with some more information on Selective Service.

**CONTENT** **Will with Selective Service Information**
TESSA: And, that’s all we have for you today  Talawanda. I’m TESSA,
DOM: …and I’m DOM. Have a great WEEKEND, THS. We’ll see you NEXT WEEK.