Thursday, April 25th, 2024



4.25.24 | THURSDAY

KATE: Recording live from the THS Newsroom in Oxford, Ohio, this is THS daily news.
TESSA: Today is THURSDAY, April 25th. I’m TESSA
KATE: and I’m KATE. Here’s what’s happening around THS:
TESSA: First let’s talk about CCP for next school year.
KATE: Students who are interested in taking CCP classes this fall need to register by June 1st.
TESSA: There will also be Miami University CCP Advisors who will be here on April 30th to meet with CCP students to discuss Miami CCP policies, procedures, and timelines.
KATE: This meeting will begin at 3:30pm. This meeting is only for students participating in CCP through Miami University. Parent attendance is optional.
TESSA: Reach out to your School Counselor if you have any questions!
KATE:  Next up there are two club meetings happening after school today.
TESSA:  The first one is Robotics Club in Room 412 from 3:00-4:00pm
KATE: The other club meeting is Tribune in Room 315 from 3:00-4:30pm
TESSA:  Since tomorrow is friday fit fun day tomorrow the theme is group costume day.
KATE: This could be dressing up as the rainbow, crayons, tv/movie characters, and more.
TESSA: Since coffee house is coming up in the next week we sent Guiliano and Evan to find out more.
**NEWS** coffeehouse video
ADDI: Last night Boys tennis beat Hamilton 4-1 on their senior night! Great work boys!! And a special Congratulations to our seniors Ryan Hohn, Charlie Simpson, Joaquín Scalgia, Augusto Morales Camacho, as well as their families.

Also last night, Softball took on Mt Healthy, overcoming them 13-0.

That’s all from yesterday, as for tonight softball will be back in action against Seton. That game will be at seton and will begin at 5

Baseball will be taking on West Claremont, Varsity will be at home while Jv is away. Both games are to begin at 5

Finally Varsity track will be heading over to Wayne while Jv attends the Ross Jv invitational.

And one final piece of sports news, we have multiple athletes who are up for the Cincinnati Enquirer athlete of the week, they are Quinn Frieden in softball, Nathaniel Iden in baseball and Lucia Rodbro alongside Bryson Fears for track. You can vote for them by accessing the QR code behind me.

That’s all for sports today, we have no content for you guys so i’m gonna send it right back over to the desk.

**CONTENT** ****
TESSA: And, that’s all we have for you today  Talawanda. I’m TESSA,
KATE: …and I’m KATE. Have a great DAY, THS. We’ll see you tomorrow.