Monday, December 4th, 2023


12.4.23 | Anchor Script

Just for you Stevey P

WILL:  Recording live from the THS NEWSROOM in Oxford, Ohio, this is THS daily news.
DOM: Welcome to December, everyone. Today is MONDAY, December 4th. I’m DOM
WILL: and I’m WILL. And,  here’s what’s happening around THS:
DOM: Robotics Club will meet from 3 to 4 in Room 412.
WILL: Robotics club members should have parents/guardians to complete the FTC form online.
DOM: Handful of Help is needing donations from people like you!
WILL: What is Handful of Help?
DOM: I’m glad you asked, a handful of help is an opportunity to help the local homeless from December 1st through the 15th. Fccla is collecting donations and putting them together.
WILL: What can you donate?
DOM: You can donate ziplock bags, toiletries, bandages, and warm clothes.
WILL: That sounds like a nice cause!
DOM: It is! If you have any questions email Mrs. Gregory.
WILL: All students who need to take EOC exams will begin testing tomorrow! If you need to take an EOC you should have received an email stating when and where they will be testing.
DOM: If you cannot attend your scheduled EOC exam, you need a doctors note and will need to schedule a make-up test with Mrs. Hess. Please bring a fully charged chromebook for each test!
WILL: For more information about the EOCs here’s Mrs. Stark
***NEWS*** EOC with Stark
DOM: Thank you for that information Mrs. Stark
WILL: That’s it for news. So, let’s cut over to Addi with Addi’s playbook:
ADDI INTRO: ******
**CONTENT** ******
DOM: And, that’s it for today, Talawanda. Thanks for watching. I’m DOM
WILL: and I’m WILL. Have a great day, THS.