Thursday, November 30th, 2023

11.30.23 | Anchor Script

KATE:  Recording live from the THS NEWSROOM in Oxford, Ohio, this is THS daily news.
KATE: and I’m KATE. And,  here’s what’s happening around THS:
TESSA: Hey Kate have you heard about the holiday challenge that we are filming next week
KATE: Yeah I’ve heard a little bit about how we need more volunteers to sign
TESSA: We are filming two christmas challenges and need people who are willing to participate and be on the news
KATE: People can sign up using the QR codes in the corner of the screen
TESSA: Secondly, there are a couple of meetings tonight in Dr. Weatherwax’s room, room 315.
KATE: Mock Trial meets from 5:30 to 7:30
TESSA: and the Tribune will meet from 7:30 to 8:15.
KATE: Attention anyone in Bible Study: the group will meet tomorrow during tutorial in Mr. Burdis’s room, room 515.
TESSA: The FCCLA Blood Drive will be taking place a week from today on December 6th.
KATE: Students 16 years and older may sign up to donate blood. Interested students must complete and turn in a permission slip–these are located in the main office.
TESSA: Additionally, donors need a valid ID and must schedule an appointment with Mrs. Gregory or during lunch.
KATE;  Next up we have a quick video from Cale about the new mural in the Perfect Blend
**NEWS** ***Cale and Myah mural video***
TESSA: As you know, Winter sports are starting to pick up. One of those is swim. Here with some information on this year’s swim team are THS Daily News Correspondents Connor and Dean:
**NEWS** ***Connor and Dean with Swim Update***
KATE: That’s it for news. So, let’s cut over to Addi with Addi’s playbook:
ADDI INTRO: ******

And now–you asked for it THS (or, maybe you didn’t), here are THS content creators Evan and Giuliano with special guests Dylan and Soup creating and taste-testing Halloween sandwiches.

**CONTENT** ***Evan and Giuliano with Halloween sandwiches***
TESSA: And, that’s it for today, Talawanda. Thanks for watching. I’m TESSA
KATE: and I’m KATE. Have a great day, THS.