Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

Tessa:  Recording live from the THS newsroom in Oxford, Ohio, this is THS daily news.
Kate: Today is TUESDAY, September 12th, 2023.

I’m Kate.

Tessa: and I’m Tessa. Here’s what’s happening at THS today and throughout this week.
Kate: Setting Stone will meet today, right after school, in Mr. Aerni’s room, room 320.
Tessa: Wait–isn’t Aerni absent today?
Kate: He is–but, Mrs. Squance has it covered. Today, she will be going over key positions in the club, including magazine editor, copy editor, Coffee House manager, Coffee House sound engineer, and several others.
Tessa: Sounds like an important meeting. If you are interested in Setting Stone, be sure to be in room 320 right after school today.
Kate: Another important meeting is for students going to D.C..
Tessa: Tomorrow,  during tutorial, be sure to head to the cafeteria for roommate selection and other important trip details.
Kate: If you are going on the DC  trip, you MUST attend.  Your teachers will have a list of students that need to be there.
Tessa: Coming up on Thursday, Diversity club will meet during tutorial.
Kate: That’s right. This meeting will be held in Mrs. Schultze’s room, room 400.
Tessa: One important deadline coming up this Friday is for PSAT registration.
Kate: Yes, the PSAT will be held on October 25th. But, registration is due in the Counselor’s office by this Friday. Be sure to register before it’s too late.
Tesa: Registration for the PSAT is for sophomores and juniors only.
Kate: Good to know.
Tessa: And, looking forward to next week–FCCLA is putting on Club Rush week.
Kate: Club Rush week? That sounds pretty interesting.
Tessa: Yeah–it’s a pretty cool opportunity to see what the different clubs and groups here at THS are all about. Not only that, but students will then have a chance to get involved.
Kate: That’s great. Where is it being held?
Tessa: Groups and clubs will have tables set up during lunches all next week. So, THS, if you’re thinking about getting involved but don’t know what THS has to offer, be sure to check out those tables next week.
Kate: What a great opportunity. Oh, speaking of opportunities, Talawanda is going to Europe next year.
Tessa: Talawanda’s going to Europe?
Kate: That’s right! If you’d like to go on this overseas trip next year, see the posters around the school, or pick up a flyer in the main office.  You can go to room 611 if you have any questions.
Tessa: One more quick announcement about things going on this week. Kate, you know our volleyball team is undefeated, right?
Kate: Heck yeah! Of course I know that.
Tessa: Well, the team has two home meets this week–one tonight, and one on Thursday.
Kate: Oh, isn’t Thursday’s game against Harrison?
Tesa: It is–that’s going to be huge! And, THS Daily News will be livestreaming the game on Channel 85!
Kate: Oh, that’s awesome–so, be there or tune in, Talawanda–it’s going to be an exciting week for volleyball
Tessa: Yep. You know what also is exciting, FFA! Here’s a video with more information,
Tessa: Thanks for that FFA
Kate: And now over to the sport’s desk, what’s going on in the sport’s world Addi?
Addi: Last night Boys soccer fell to CHCA that game ending with a final score of 7-2 Goals scored by Harrison Zhang and Dimitri garrett

Boys golf shot a killer match beating Hamilton 171 to 146 Aidan Bruder and Ty Huber both shooting an impressive 32 for the night.

We have quite the busy night here at THS so let’s talk about it. You have all heard about our undefeated volleyball team. And as we mentioned, they hope to continue that streak tonight against Eaton. JV at 530 and Varsity at 630. The theme for that game is neon out.

Another big match will take place right here tonight as Girls Soccer takes on Harrison in what is essentially the swoc championship. Jv will be at 5 and Varsity at 7.

Finally, tennis will also be at home tonight facing Northwest.

So if you have nothing to do tonight, come out to the highschool to witness all the excitement we have going on.

Good luck to all our athletes, next up we have madalyn and Ellie asking students and staff they’re favorite THS memories.

Tessa: Well, that’s it for today, THS.
Kate: Join us again tomorrow for more news and content.
Tessa: But, before we go, here’s a quick video from Madalyn and Ellie about Talawanda’s favorite high school memories.
Kate: Have a great day, Talawanda.