Thursday, April 4th, 2024


4.4.24 | THURSDAY

WILL: Recording live from the THS Newsroom in Oxford, Ohio, this is THS daily news.
DOM: Today is THURSDAY, APRIL 4th. I’m DOM
WILL: and I’m WILL. Here’s what’s happening around THS:
DOM: Tomorrow is Friday Fit Fun Day!
WILL: That’s right! Tomorrow’s theme is Character Day. So dress up as your favorite character (as long as it’s school appropriate).+
DOM:  Hey Will, are you dressing up tomorrow?
WILL: I have absolutely no idea what I’d dress up as.
DOM:  Your favorite character of course!
WILL: It’s not particularly school appropriate…
DOM:  What is it?
WILL: **Will leans over to Dom and whispers in his ear**
DOM: Yeah probably don’t wear that…
WILL: What will you be dressing up as?
DOM: I’m thinking a high school junior from south western ohio
WILL: That actually sounds perfect. In other news, robotics club will meet today after school until 4:00 in room 412
DOM: Seniors! The deadline to submit senior pictures has passed. If you still haven’t submitted you senior pictures please email Mr. Zimmerman ( ASAP
WILL: Along with your pictures, don’t forget to order your graduation stoles by April 19th. Contact Ms. Klovekorn for more details.
DOM: EOC testing is right around the corner!
WILL: ELA testing will be on April 16th and 17th
DOM: Math will be on April 23rd and 24th
WILL: Science will be on April 30th
DOM: And finally, Social Studies will be on May 1st
WILL: Switching gears a little, most students have likely heard of Setting Stone’s Coffee House event. But, many probably don’t know that Setting Stone’s main focus is on creating a literary-art magazine and website.
DOM: That’s right, Will. Here with more on this are Setting Stone editors Rory and Sadie:
**NEWS** **Setting Stone’s Rory and Sadie discussing the new magazine**
WILL: I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished magazine.
DOM: Yeah, me, too.

Switching to sports now, there’s a lot going on with Spring sports.

WILL: There sure is. So, let’s vault it over to Addi with sports.
ADDI: Weather didn’t quite clear up yesterday so both tennis and baseball were canceled.

Our athletes hope to be back in action tonight so lets talk about what we got lined up for the evening

Our track team will be hitting the road, heading over to Ross for the Ross quad where they will face off against Ross, Oak Hills, and Harrison. field events are set to start at 4:15 and running will begin at 4:45

Tennis will hopefully get to play their first match of the season Away vs. Monroe that match is to begin at 4pm

The baseball teams will be hitting the fields tonight taking on the Trailblazers, Varsity will be at home while JV is away. Both games will start at 5

Finally, Softball will be taking on Lakota West right here at home also 5pm

Good luck to all of our spring athletes tonight, hopefully the weather holds off. That’s all I got for sports, now heres a senioritis documentary from your favorite content creators, Evan and Guiliano.

**CONTENT** **Evan and Giuliano Senioritis Documentry**
DOM: And, that’s all we have for you today  Talawanda. I’m DOM,
WILL: …and I’m WILL. We’ll see you tomorrow, THS. Have a great day!