Wednesday, March 20th, 2024


3.20.24 | WEDNESDAY

TESSA:: Recording live from the THS Newsroom, this is THS daily news.
KATE:: Today is WEDNESDAY, March 20th. I’m KATE
TESSA: and I’m TESSA. Let’s move onto the news for today.
KATE: First all THS art students who are participating in the U.S. Representative Warren Davidson Congressional Art Competition at Spooky Nook need to have your completed forms and work to Mrs. Claire by this Friday
TESSA: If you need to pick up any forms, they are located in room 603
KATE:  Now let’s take a look at what clubs are meeting today.
TESSA: First Diversity Club will meet today and every Wednesday after school in room 400 and they are always looking for more members.
KATE: So if you are interested in assuring ALL people are welcome and included in our school, please attend.
TESSA: Next up chess club is meeting in room 603 from 2:55-3:45pm
KATE: And tomorrow, Bible Study will meet during tutorial in Mr. Buris’s room.
TESSA: Finally the Tribune will meet in room 315.
KATE: Taking a look later into the week, Friday’s fit fun day is teacher look alike or twin with a friend.
TESSA: The talent show is also this Friday from 8:30 – 11:30.
KATE:  Now let’s head over to Sienna who has more information about how to buy Talent show tickets.
NEWS: **Sienna talking about how to buy Talent Show Tickets**
TESSA: Thank you for that information, make sure you grab your ticket while you can.
KATE:  Now that we have covered today’s news, let’s head over to Addi to hear about sports.
ADDI: Hope everyone had a great day off and although we all got to relax, our spring athletes did not. We had a couple scrimmages last night as both baseball and softball hit the fields.

Baseball took on Edgewood, overcoming them 16-15; A win formulated by great pitching from Eddie Tanner, Hunter Griffin, and Dylan Hacker, as well as some impressive hitting and base running from the whole team.

They will back in action tonight as they head over to Franklin for their final scrimmage before their first official game at Springboro on Saturday

As for softball they hit the road heading over to Badin beating them an impressive 10-2. They will also scrimmage again tonight right here at home against Madison in preparation for their first game of the season on Saturday

And stay tuned for later this week as track will be attending their first meet also on saturday.

CONTENT: **Gracie and Madelyn with “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?”**
KATE: And, that’s all we have for you today  Talawanda. I’m Kate,
TESSA: …and I’m TESSA. See you tomorrow, THS.