Monday, March 4th, 2024

Gracie: Good Afternoon, Talawanda! I’m Gracie.

Marley: And I’m Marley. Welcome to another exciting edition of Talawanda High School  Daily News.

Gracie: Let’s dive right in. Last Saturday, the Drastic Park Rangers ventured into the regional Destination Imagination competition and boy, did they bring the heat!

Marley: Absolutely, Gracie. The team, comprised of Izzy Anders, Addi Greene, Kai Ironstrack, Thea Holley, and Bryce Wortman, brought history to life with their performance, artwork, and technical prowess.

Gracie: And get this, despite a meteor hurtling towards them in their performance, they clinched the first-place spot! Talk about dedication.

Marley: They’ve punched their ticket to the State competition on April 6th. Let’s root for them, Talawanda!

Gracie: In other news, a quick reminder for all you Setting Stone enthusiasts out there. There’s a meeting tomorrow after school in room 320.

Marley: And mark your calendars, because there’s a Setting Stone magazine design and development session this Saturday, March 9th, from 9:30 to 1:00 in Aerni’s room.

Gracie: Also mark your calendars for March 15th! Here with more information on the THS Spring Blood Drive are FCCLA members Holly and Megan.


Gracie: Talawanda, we’ve got an important announcement regarding the THS recycling pickup program.

Marley: That’s right, Gracie. Due to ongoing issues with non-recyclable items being placed in recycling containers, the program is making a slight change.

Gracie: Starting now, they’ll be limiting classroom recycling to paper only. Everything else, from food to drinks to non-recyclable trash, needs to go in the regular trash cans.

Marley: Remember, folks, let’s keep it clean and green. Dispose of non-paper items properly. Together, we can make a difference.

Gracie: And now, let’s kick it over to Addi for today’s sports scoop!


Over the weekend we had three Talawanda students attend the State indoor track and field meet at the Spire Institute.


Lucia Rodbro competed in the 3200, finishing 8th overall

Adriana Luking competed in the 1600 run finishing 10th overall

And Olivia Andrews competed in pole vault finishing 17th overall

Congrats to each of them and good work, can’t wait to see each of you back out there for outdoor season, which is right around the corner

As spring season approaches we look forward to seeing track, baseball, softball, and tennis back in action for the 2024 season.


There’s no content for today, so we’ll head right back to the desk.


Gracie: That’s all for today, Talawanda. Stay tuned for more updates next time.

Marley: Until then, stay classy and stay informed. This is Gracie…

Gracie & Marley: …and Marley, signing off. Goodbye, Talawanda!