Tuesday, February 27th, 2024

SIENNA: Good afternoon Talawanda High School, I’m Sienna,

ALEXA: And I’m Alexa, and we’re here with your daily announcements.

SIENNA: First up, a reminder to all Setting Stone members: there will be a meeting today after school. Be sure to attend to stay updated on upcoming projects and events.

ALEXA: Attention all students: mark your calendars for the FCCLA Spring Blood Drive on Friday, March 15th. Donation forms are available in the office, and sign-up times begin tomorrow. Donating three times earns you red cords for graduation, so be sure to participate!

SIENNA: Here’s Ellie with more information about the Blood Drive


SIENNA: Calling all students! The Talent Show is scheduled for March 22nd. Sign-ups start this Thursday, so start preparing your acts and showcase your skills.

ALEXA: March is Best Buddies Month, and this Friday is mismatched sock day. Show your support by wearing your most mismatched pair!

SIENNA: For those interested in Bible Study, there will be a meeting in Mr. Burtis’ room this Thursday during tutorial. All are welcome to attend.

ALEXA: Attention juniors: the ACT is tomorrow. Remember to get plenty of rest, eat a nutritious breakfast, and arrive a bit early to avoid feeling rushed. Freshmen, sophomores, and seniors will not have school tomorrow.

SIENNA: That’s it for news. And, as you probably know, the Winter sports season has been winding down, and Spring sports are picking up! So, we don’t have any sports for you today.


ALEXA:  Now, here’s Sadie with a video featuring some of our teachers and things they love.



SIENNA: That’s all for today’s news. I’m Sienna,

ALEXA: And I’m Alexa. Have a great day, THS!