Wednesday, December 6th, 2023


12.6.23 | Anchor Script


WILL:  Recording live from the THS NEWSROOM in Oxford, Ohio, this is THS daily news.
DOM: Today is WEDNESDAY, December 6th. I’m DOM
WILL: and I’m WILL. And,  here’s what’s happening around THS:
DOM: Handful of Help is needing donations from people like you!
WILL: What is Handful of Help?
DOM: Dude come on. This is the 3rd time, anyways handful of help is an opportunity to help the local homeless from December 1st through the 15th. Fccla is collecting donations and putting them together.
WILL: What can you donate?
DOM: Like I said twice already… You can donate ziplock bags, toiletries, bandages, and warm clothes.
WILL: That sounds like a nice cause!
DOM: If you have any questions email Mrs. Gregory.
WILL: We don’t have any club meetings today, but Thursday will be jam packed!
DOM: Robotics Club will meet tomorrow from 3 to 4 in Room 412
WILL: Attention Robotics Club members! If your parents/guardians haven’t filled out the FTC form, have them complete it ASAP!!
DOM: Mock Trial will meet tomorrow from 5:30 to 7:30 in room 315. Only attorneys are required to attend.
WILL: Talawanda Tribune will meet at 7:45 at Kofenya
DOM: Best Buddies will meet this Friday during tutorial in the cafeteria
WILL: THS Drama Club will host a Fall Variety Show this Saturday in the PAC at 7
DOM: Here with a brief report on this is THS Daily News Correspondent Ellie:
***NEWS*** ELLIE in PAC talking about variety show
DOM: That’s it for news. So, let’s cut over to Addi with Addi’s playbook:
ADDI INTRO: ******
**CONTENT** ******
DOM: And, that’s it for today, Talawanda. Thanks for watching. I’m DOM
WILL: and I’m WILL. Have a great day, THS.