Tuesday, November 14th, 2023

11.14.23 | Anchor Script


GRACIE:  Recording live from the THS NEWSROOM in Oxford, Ohio, this is THS daily news.
GRACIE: and I’m GRACIE. Here’s what’s happening around THS.
MARLEY: There are several meetings taking place today after school
GRACIE: Project Green will meet in Mrs. Ruther’s room, room 224.
MARLEY: Setting Stone will meet in Mr. Aerni’s room, room 320.
GRACIE: And, Art Club will meet in Mrs. Claire’s room, room 603.
MARLEY: Looking at tomorrow, Diversity Club will meet after school in Mrs. Schultze’s room, room 400.
GRACIE: Coming up after the Thanksgiving break, FCCLA will sponsor its Winter Blood Drive on Wednesday, December 6th.
MARLEY: If you are interested in donating blood, you must be 16 years or older and must complete a permission form.
GRACIE: Permission forms can be found in the main office, room 611, or at lunch.
MARLEY: And, if you donate blood three times during your time in high school, you will receive a red cord to wear at graduation. Again, the FCCLA Winter Blood Drive will be on December 6th. FCCLA will sponsor another drive in March.
GRACIE: In educational news, every student at THS now has the opportunity to create a New York Times student account.
MARLEY: To create your account, go to nytimes.com/passes. Then, select “Student” and your Graduation Year. DO NOT enter an alternate email address.
GRACIE: Once you’ve done that, click “sign up” and go to your email to find the email from the New York Times. If you don’t see the email, check your SPAM folder.
MARLEY: From there, simply follow the instructions.
GRACIE: As you know, THS Drama put on their production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest this past weekend.
MARLEY: THS News Correspondent, Ellie, has this report with Drama members Mason and Thea:
**NEWS** ***Ellie with Mason and Thea***
GRACIE: Sounds like a great production. Were you able to make it, Marley?
MARLEY: Unfortunately, no. I had to work. Did you?
GRACIE: No, I was out of town. But, I hope to make the Spring production.
MARLEY: All right. Well, while there aren’t many sporting events happening right now, Addi has the latest on what’s happening and what’s coming up.
ADDI: Winter sports are quickly approaching. And the winter athletes find themselves in their final days of preseason

Girls basketball is making their way to Mercy McAuley tonight for a scrimmage

And there will be a meeting for all Winter athletes tomorrow night at 530 in the PAC

That’s all for sports today but make sure to stay tuned because Girls Basketball will kick off their season with their first game on November 22. Boys basketball will have their first game on December 1st, Wrestling will have their first meet on December 7th, bowling will have their first match on December 8th, and Swimming will have their first meet on December 12th. So there is plenty to look forward to in the world of talawanda sports. ]

Next up here is connor and dean asking THS students their favorite thanksgiving foods.

**CONTENT** ***Dean and Connor asking students about their favorite Thanksgiving food***
MARLEY: And, that’s it for today, Talawanda. Thanks for turning in. I’m MARLEY
GRACIE: and I’m GRACIE. Have a great day, THS. We’ll see you tomorrow.