May 16th, 2022

Good morning Talawanda, today is Monday, May 16th, 2022.

The list of seniors who have been invited to the Senior Scholarship Night is posted outside of the guidance office.   If your name is on this list you will be receiving at least one scholarship from either the Talawanda Local or Oxford Community Foundations. This will be held Wednesday, May 18th at 6 pm.  Please RSVP to Mrs Roy.

For Livvy Rhotons final video production for the news, she decided to review her Dad’s band when he was a Freshman in high school

Now for whats the T followed by the final sports with Luke WP.

An 11-0 run rule victory on Saturday propelled the baseball team their first SWOC championship in program history and first league championship in 13 years, the boys finish the regular season with a record of 18-7 and 12-3 in SWOC play, the team’s playoff matchup will be tomorrow at home with a 5 pm start against Anderson.

The lacrosse team picked up a first round playoff win over Wilmington on Saturday, the team will face Turpin in the second round this week.

No home games for today.

That’s our broadcast on this day, I’m Luke West Poley, and before I go I owe some thank yous to a lot of people, the last 3 years as daily sports anchor has been nothing short of a blessing for me, thank you to all the teachers and students for the feedback and support, shoutout to our THS Daily News cast and crew, and I also owe a huge shoutout to Mr. Andy Zimmerman for accommodating my every request, from allowing me to join the play-by-play team back in 8th grade to working out every detail to allow me to anchor over zoom, Mr. Zimmerman has provided me with the best opportunity I could imagine here at Brave TV and I wouldn’t be here without him. Now for the much awaited announcement. You’re in great hands as we’ve promoted Zander Moore from his fill-in role to the new Showrunner here at Channel 85, earlier today he signed a 1 year contract for 5 million dollars. I’m very excited for the future of Channel 85. So as I move on to hopefully do this professionally one day, from where it all started. Talawanda, thank you.